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XolidoSign Electronic signature / timestamp and SMART VERIFICATION of your documents XolidoSign allows you to digitally sign and/or timestamp all the documents you need. It includes SMART VERIFICATION of electronic signatures, timestamps and files. (PDF native Signature, Word, Images, Excel datasheet, Databases, Videos ). Greatly simplified process. It also gets your shipping costs reduced using electronic documents, maintaining security in your electronic transactions (invoices, contracts, posting notes...).

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electronic documents, particularly now with legislation processes requiring that many electronically generated documents are now certified and are classified as legally binding correspondence. The need to insert into documents a proof of originator is now essential for the protection of the document creator and for the assurance of the document recipient.  SignGen is a program that generates a unique electronic signature block that can be used to

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Personal Diary Software Personal  Diary - most popular digital Personal Diary Software is in the world .
Personal Diary Software

Personal Electronic Digital Diary Software is an excellent way to keep securely a personal or business journal of day-to-day thoughts, feelings, memories, dreams, ideas, addresses, Phone numbers, emails, account transaction, secret or professional information and important events of your life in one place. Personal Electronic Digital Diary Software free download at or

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electronic billing 2 1.0: Getting started with electronic billing has never been easier.
electronic billing 2 1.0

Getting started with electronic billing and ebill has never been so easy. This will give you the information you need to start ebill and get on the electronic billing track. Learn how now. www.

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electronic billing 3 1.0: Your source for accurate electronic billing. Does your company eBill?
electronic billing 3 1.0

Your source for accurate electronic billing information. Does your company eBill? Best Practice Systems is an industry leader for ebill, ebpp, and electronic billing. This will get you started on the right track with your goals.

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electronic billing 1 1.0: All billers should have electronic billing. This wil help you start.
electronic billing 1 1.0

All billers should have electronic billing and ebpp and eBill initiatives already in place. Does your company? This can help you get started on the right track. Best Practice Systems is a great resource for all of your electronic billing and ebpp and ebill questions.

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electronic billing 4 1.0: New regulations impact electronic billing. Are you ready? ebook
electronic billing 4 1.0

New regulations could impact your electronic billing Are you ready? Learn about and prepare for new industry trends. Are your ebill and electronic billing safe from external market forces? ebook

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